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Cat Portraits

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Painting Cats Together

Julie is often asked if it's possible to paint two (or more!) pets together, such as in the cute black and white cats seen opposite.

Sometimes a photograph of the customers two cats together may not exist - it could be that one has passed away and there was never good enough photo of them side by side. Or it might be that the cats lived at different times, and so a photo like this could never have been taken.

Julie is able to piece together a composition from several photos to make a pleasing portrait. So it does not matter about sending a photo of them seen together - they might never even have met!

The painting opposite of the two black and white cats was completed in 2000, and is in oils.
The customer also requested for some indoor features of the cats home to be included in the work, which Julie has added to the portrait (such as the indications of the curtains and a flower).


Cute Black and White Cats

cute black and white cats
"Lazy Days" (oils, 2000)

It's also possible to create a custom portrait with the inclusion of additional features in the artwork such as collars or the name of your cat in the painting. (You can see from the black and white cats above that their collars have been included). Simply request these on the order form. (Ordering cat paintings can be done online via paypal, or through the post, paying by cheque)

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