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Cat Portraits

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Backgrounds to Cat Portraits

When ordering a painting, it's possible to also select an appropriate backdrop to the work. This may be a favourite spot where your cat likes to bask in the sunshine, or perhaps a cosy indoor place nice and warm by the fire! If you would like to consider this option, please send Julie some suitable photos that she can use as a reference for the creation of the background.

It's possible to have a background for either a head and shoulders, or a full body portrait (as seen opposite in "Drama Queen"). If you are considering a cat in full body with a background, then the sizes 16" by 12" or 24" by 18" are a good dimension to allow sufficient space for detail. There is also a smaller size available (12" by 10") and this works well for head and shoulder studies (with or without a background).

Cat with Background

cat with background
"Drama Queen" (oils, 2000)

If you are considering ordering a pet portrait, you will need to allow about three to four weeks from ordering to delivery. This may take about a week longer for international commissions. Sometimes it is possible to produce a portrait within two weeks, if there is an urgent deadline in mind. However, this can not be guaranteed. It is always better to allow as much time as possible, especially near busy times such as Christmas. Click here to find out more about ordering a portrait by Julie Palmer.

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