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Cat Pastel Portraits

Julie uses stabilo pastel pencils for the fine and detailed work in portraits, and combines this with Rowney soft pastels. These are used for background work as they can be easily smudged and mixed to create soft impressions and beautiful features. The cat portraits are drawn on high quality Canson fine art paper. Good pastel paintings are characterised by an animated finish and soft and subtle colouring.

Other possible media for cat portraits are oils, and watercolour. Oils are a good choice if something more traditional is required, and watercolours work well for capturing passing moments. These days, Julie specializes in purely pastel media when undertaking cat portrait commissions.

white cat in pastels

white cat in pastels
"Angel" (pastels, 2008)

Here is a beautiful white cat that Julie was commissioned to paint, from Washington State, USA, and here's what the customer wrote on receiving the work:-

"I received my portrait of Angel today. When I opened the tube with her picture in it, it was like she was still here with me. I looked at her and just cried. You really captured her beauty and spirit. Thank you so much Julie. You don't know how happy you made me".

(Junetta Lancaster, Olympia, Washington State, USA)

Pastel cat portraits are sent by secure delivery, whether nationally, or, as in this case, internationally. The works are insured in transit to the customer at their full value. In the unlikely event of damage or loss in the postal system, the customer has the option of a full refund, or Julie can redo the portrait from scratch. If the second option is chosen, obviously extra time will need to be allowed for a complete reworking of the cat portrait.

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