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The British Shorthair Tabby Cat

A number of varients of this breed exist, including the black silver, blue silver tabby, and the chocolate silver tabby cats.

The portrait seen here is a classic british shorthair tabby cat. It has the familiar "necklaces" running round it's neck, and stripes extending from the eyes. The tabby also has the trademark markings in the shape of an "M" over the eyes.

British Shorthairs originate from three sources. They are descendents of cats brought to the British Isles by the Romans. These were then interbred with native cats, and at a later stage crossbred with Persian cats, giving the breed a thickened coat. The Shorthair is often thought of as the "bull dog" of the cat world, with it's thick set and strong body. However, they are generally good natured cats that enjoy petting and attention.

You will notice with the Shorthaired Tabby opposite that the collar has been added to the portrait. Some costumers prefer features like this to be included in the work, and there is space to request this on the ordering form. You may also which to consider if you would like your cats name on the portrait.

Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat
(pastels, 2007)

The original size of this british shorthaired tabby cat was 12" by 10". Three sizes of cat portrait paintings can be commissioned - 12" by 10", 16" by 12" and 24" by 18". (Larger sizes are also possible by request). Portraits can be ordered as head and shoulders or full body commissions. Working from photos, Julie welcomes cat portrait orders from across the globe via the world wide web.

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