Cat Portraits

Cat Portraits

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Ordering a Cat Portrait

Here's the steps to going about ordering a cat portrait:-

1. You may wish to contact Julie to begin with, and let her know that you might be interested in commissioning a painting. She aims to respond to enquiries within twenty-four hours.

2. Consider whether or not you would prefer a head and shoulders or full body study.

3. Decide on a suitable size for the portrait. The options are 12" by 10", 16" by 12", and 24" by 18". The first two sizes are appropriate for head and shoulder studies, the larger two for full body portraits. Your choice may also be influenced by where you intend to hang or display the work. Bear in mind that once the portrait has a mount and a frame, it will have increased in size!

4. Gather and select your photos for sending to Julie. You may also (if it is possible) decide to take some especially for the portrait commission. (photographs can be emailed or posted).

5. Order the work. This can be done online or via the post by visiting this page. Julie will then acknowledge receipt of your order and confirm your requested delivery date. If you have not yet sent your photos yet, then this is the time to do so.

Cute Ginger Cat

cute ginger cat
"Sitting Pretty " (watercolours, 2002)

Seen above is a ginger cat painting in watercolours.

In her work, pet portrait artist Julie Palmer aspires to capturing the essence of beauty, either felt or seen;
"While busily attempting the most painstaking imitation of nature, I do not for a moment let go of the feeling which has gripped me. Reality is a part of art but emotion completes it."
(Jean Baptiste Camille Corot)

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