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Cat Portraits

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Three Cats Together
Three Cats Together
"Together Again " (pastels, 2008)

Customizing your Portrait

When ordering a cat portrait, there's a number of custom features to think about.

1. One option is if you would like the name of your cat lightly sketched on the portrait (as in the example above. Because there are three cats in this portrait, I have sketched their names below each one. Usually I will place the name in the opposite corner to where I sign the work).

2. Another option is whether or not you would like the collar on the cat or not. This also may be sketched so as to display a name tag as well. (sometimes I need extra photo references for this to be possible).

3. If your cat as died, you may like the dates of your pets life to be written underneath the name, as in the portrait opposite.

4. There may also be some other favourite thing that your cat likes to wear or play with. Perhaps there is a toy that your cat enjoys! (This option is usually only appropriate for full body portraits).

White Cat

When ordering a cat portrait, its possible to bring your cats together again by using different photos - perhaps one of your cats has died and you would like to reunite it with old friends. A pet portrait can form the perfect memorial.

Julie Palmer - portrait artist - receiving portrait commissions for cats from North America, Europe, the Far East and Australia.

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