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Cat Portraits

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Cats drawn in pastels

Julie works from a number of photographs of the cat when drawing the portrait. Usually she will have one main photo to determine the overall shape and composition. Once this is drawn out, she may use other photos supplied by the customer for detailing of the fur or eyes. To a certain extent, this depends on how good the main photo is to work from.

Here's some hints and tips for taking a great photo of your cat:-

1. make sure that you get down at the cats level.

2. try to ensure that your pet fills the frame, although don't get too close, as this can cause a distortion to the features.

3. the best results come from taking photos outside. If you're taking photos indoors, don't use flash as this distorts the colours of the cat that will be drawn. Most digital cameras are capable of taking good indoor shots.

If you're able to take the photo outside, believe it or not the best days are overcast ones. Direct sunlight can cause the subject to "squint", and photography where the sun is directly behind the subject should be avoided. If you are taking photos on a sunny day, try to pick a shaded spot.

Following this advice will result in the best possible types of photos for producing a good cat drawing.

Siamese Cat Drawn in Pastels

Siamese cat
(pastels, 2007)

Once you have taken your shots, photographs can be emailed, posted or sent on CD to Julie for her to review them and advise on the best shots for the cat drawing. (If you are opting to send the photos via the post, Julie always returns any originals when the portrait is complete). Featured here is a Siamese cat that Julie has drawn in pastel media.

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